July 14, 2020

David & Tiffany Photography | The Why behind the New Brand

My first memory of holding a camera was when I, Tiffany, was six or seven and my mom let me photograph the wild horses in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

I’ll never forget what it was like as a young girl to stand so close something as rare as they were. I felt as though I was unable to portray the beauty of that moment. But I tried. And tried. I knew there had to be a way.

When we got the images back from the developer I realized I had taken the same photo about 20 times (Which my siblings were all-too-happy to point out, haha). I was so confused why I did that and now, all these years later, I can clearly see why.

I wanted to fully capture the feeling of that wonderful, breathtaking scene.

Even though I’m much older now. I’m still chasing moments that are so good they feel impossible to fully capture. My main goal is to hold onto the emotions in their truest form and display it with accuracy. Not just to create art but to figure out how to relive it. 

Fast forward to a rainy day in February of 2018. David and I strolled along the beach clutching hands and our jackets while making the most of a spontaneous day trip to those same beaches in the Outer Banks that I visited in childhood.

We were seven years into marriage and I was five years in on owning my own photography business, Tiffany Sigmon Photography. Longing to be in business with another person. Longing to look over at the love of my life during wedding ceremonies every weekend as I remember the vows we made to each other back in 2011.

That day ,if you were an onlooker you would have seen a couple on the beach spit into their hands and shake on it with an odd secret handshake. Maybe you would have thought we were weird (we probably are), but we were sharing a very special moment together.

We were (very officially) sealing the deal as business partners.

Being my husband, David has been a part of Tiffany Sigmon Photography since its conception back in 2013. If you’re married or about to be, you know that everything you do affects your partner. Now we’re simply making it official, adding a bit more accuracy to the business name, and bringing all of our complementary talents to the fore.

While I might be the creative one in our business, he is the visionary. He does everything with purpose and enthusiasm. There isn’t a single day that goes by where he doesn’t have a new idea to share with me and he knows how to get things done efficiently and decisively.

Together we make a team that loves to meet new people, serve them, tell their story, and give them a fine product that they will always love.


About our new brand

We have a passion for telling stories and we want to show them in an elegant way. Our work will live on timelessly in our clients lives which is why we take our work so seriously.

We know that simple and natural posing keeps our work consistent, clean, and most importantly, our clients can relax and have fun while in front of our lens.

Our new brand colors mimic earth and sky tones. The light, sky, mountains, the sea, flowers, and trees are some of our favorite things in all of life to gain inspiration from which is why you might notice that most of our images show those things exactly. The main color in our color palette, the color of our logo at the top of this page is based on the sweet little baby lips of our first born, long awaited girl, Charlee Lynn.

The W H Y behind David & Tiffany Photography

We believe in creating images that are intentional, artistic, natural. We vow to steward the trust of our clients, tell their story through images, continue to get better, and do it all with a joyful spirit and loving attitude.

Core Values

Photography is Art

We believe that photography is just as important as any other art form. We consider ourselves to be artists and take our work seriously as artists do.

Steward Trust

We know how personal it is to allow someone to photograph you. It is very intimate to trust someone to make you feel comfortable with a camera for hours on your wedding day. We don’t take that lightly. It is very important to us to steward your trust, keep you comfortable, and create real and natural moments between you and your loved ones while being with us. Together, we will turn your memories into art that you love.

Serve with Joy

We believe in serving our clients and vendors with a joyful heart. In the middle of a hard wedding day when everything seems to be going wrong, we are committed to keeping a smile on our face, peace in our hearts, and serve everyone around us with a joyful attitude.

Do business with Integrity

We strive to do every part of our business with integrity, honesty, and truth.

Honor Others

We believe in taking the extra step in our business to honor those that we work with. Clients and vendors alike. This is very important to us.

Show Love

Our faith and hope is found in Christ Jesus alone as the one true God. He is the one who sustains us, gives us peace, leads our hearts to serve with joy, gave us this business and is the one who sustains it today. The way that He meets us where we are, loves us, and teaches us to love others is the way we want to treat others in our business.